As your child develops more independence and advanced motor skills they will generally seek out finger food at meal times. There are many bite sized morsels you can cook up but plain and simple fruits and vegetables, which are easy to pick up and hold, make perfect finger foods.

Obviously you can prepare these finger foods from fresh fruits and vegetables but frozen varieties can be a really convenient and cost effective option. Frozen fruits and vegetables are available all year around and have a long shelf (freezer) life.

The nutritional content of frozen fruits and vegetables is excellent. Generally speaking the produce is picked and snap frozen the same day. Fresh produce is the pinnacle of maximum nutrition but often it takes days, weeks or even months for produce to reach our plates. Veggies can be quickly heated on demand using a steamer or microwave and fruits are best defrosted overnight in your fridge.

finger food for kids from freezer

Here I have put together a list of 10 frozen fruits and vegetables perfect for finger food.

10 Finger Food – Freezer Finds

  1. Traditional mixed broccoli, cauliflower, beans and carrots. (e.g. country harvest and winter mix)

The beans and julienne carrots are perfect for little fingers and broccoli and cauliflower fluorites can be easily cut in half if need be.

  1. Gourmet blends like stir fry or Italian

These generally have a wider selection of vegetables, but like with the traditional mix, conveniently sliced into bite sized pieces. Beware of corn kernels and baby corn as these can be a choking hazard.

  1. Broad beans

Most frozen broad beans will need to be peeled after steaming to make them tastier and softer to eat for little ones. A gentle squish also makes them soft to eat.

  1. Green beans

Natures finger food!

  1. White beans/chick peas/black beans/etc

Keep your freezer stocked with soaked and cooked beans in all varieties ready to use at any time. If you freeze them in flat zip lock bags you can simple “snap” a few off the side and return the rest to the freezer for later.

Squish the reheated beans slightly for little mouths to reduce the risk of gagging or choking.

  1. Baby or julienne carrots

Carrots are sweet and really appealing to babies and toddlers. Conveniently they come in finger food sized portions, when frozen, either cut julienne or simply baby is size.

  1. Edamame

Whole soy beans are a great source of protein as well as a whole list of vitamins and minerals. These beans are sweet and are often a child favourite.

Squish the reheated beans slightly for little mouths to reduce the risk of gagging or choking.

  1. Blue berries

Blue berries are well known for their high antioxidant content and low sugar. They are delicious, sweet and prefect for popping into little mouths. The advantage to using frozen blue berries is that they are much cheaper than fresh and become soft and less of a gagging or choking hazard.

  1. Mixed Berries

This is a great one for variety and for serving a range of textures, colours and flavours.

Keep an eye out for large strawberries as these may need to be cut into smaller more manageable pieces.

  1. Mango

Nothing says summer like mango but they are a really seasonal fruit. Eating frozen mango chunks means they are available all year round and illuminates the need for the tricky slicing technique.

*** Always read the label when buying packaged food! Make sure there are no additives and check the source (country of origin) for all foods. Buy locally grown fruits and vegetables to minimise the chance of poor food handling standards.***