Seasoning can be such a handy ingredient to have in your pantry cupboard. Always invest in good quality blends or make it yourself from scratch. I think most people would be really concerned if they turned over the packet and read the ingredient list on most store bought varieties.

When making mexican food I like to use New Zealand’s Tío Pablo, Mayan Gold, Mexican Seasoning Mix, which I bought at Salt Meats Cheese in Alexandria, Sydney. This product is a hand crafted, full flavoured, blend of high quality fresh herbs and spices. Tío Pablo use organic ingredients where possible and this product is Gluten and Dairy Free.

10 Minute Veggie Fajita
(serves 2)

1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 red onion roughly chopped
1 teaspoon Mexican Seasoning
1 red pepper chopped
2 ripe tomatos chopped
4 wholemeal flour tortillas
2 cups mixed salad leaves
1/2 cubed avocado
2 teaspoons nutritional yeast

Saute the chopped onion with the coconut oil in a heavy pan for 2 minutes.
Add in the Mexican Seasoning and stir for 1 minutes to release the flavours.
Add in the chopped pepper and tomato and stir occasionally over a medium heat for 5 minutes.
Warm the tortillas but placing them in a hot sandwich press for 10 seconds each.
Layer the salad leaves, spicy veggies, avocado and nutritional yeast on top of the warm tortillas, wrap and EAT!