The silly season is upon us and things are about to get very scary when it comes to healthy eating. Life gets really hectic and there is so much delicious temptation around. We often find ourselves in a situation where we are both busy and surrounded by foods that do not nourish us.

One of the best ways I have found to manage silly season temptation is to practice healthy, simply, portable and convenient snacking. Long Christmas shopping outings can be fueled by healthy choices not shopping centre temptation and you are much less likely to binge on after work Christmas party naughty nibbles if you are “packing” a healthy alternative.

Don’t get me wrong… Don’t deny yourself completely but give your self a chance to come out the other side of Christmas and New Year feeling and looking your usual fab self! Read on and find my 12 ideas for healthy snacks. There are so many resources out there for healthy snacks. Pinterest, instagram, blogs and the entire internet is bursting with inspiration. I recently came across which has a great little page on healthy snacking.  


12 ideas for healthy snacks:

1. Nuts and seeds
Simple is often best. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to snacking on nuts and seeds. Not only are they portable but contain your essential fats, protein and carbs all on the one package.

2. Fruit with nut butter
Fruit and nut butter is a match made in snacking heaven. Simply slice an apple and slather on your nut butter of choice (i.e. peanut, almond, cashew, macadamia or a mix) to experience pure delicious and sustaining pleasure.

3. Veggie sticks with bean dip
Crunchy veggies dipped into creamy hummus or any type of bean dip is a classic, tried and tested way to snack without the guilt.
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Broad Bean Hummus

4. Avocado or Tomato on toast
Choose wisely when you are buying bread. Choose wholegrain sourdough or sprouted grain bread and layer with avocado, tomato or both for a substantial snack that works at any time of day.

5. Pikelets
Pikelets can be prepared in advance and packed with your favourite fruits and veggies. Simply freeze them between layers of greaseproof paper and stick them in the toaster for warm snacks on demand.
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pumpkin pikelets 4

6. Rice Balls and Arancini
I believe whole grains are an important part of a healthy diet. Rice and other wholegrains can be mixed with veggies, herbs and seeds then formed into delicious “pop in your mouth” sized morsals.
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arancini 4

7. Smoothie
Smoothies are a great way to start the day but they also make a great afternoon or mid-morning pick me up. Enjoy the sweetness from frozen bananas, mango or berries mixed with the goodness of greens, seeds, avocado, plant milk and a scoop of wholesome organic vegan protein powder.
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smoothie 7at7 sm

8. Healthy banana bread
Banana bread does not need to be as gluttonous as cake. By making it yourself you are in complete control of the ingredients. Rely on the natural sweetness from the banana, exchange the butter for coconut oil, experiment with using nut meal instead of flour and keep that morning or afternoon tea clean.
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banana bread 4

9. Healthy and savoury muffins
Muffins do not always have to be sweet. I wish there were more healthy savory muffins available in cafes. Solution: make your own. Pack them with sweet corn, handfuls of fresh herbs, “cheesy” B12 packed nutritional yeast and what ever else you have in the fridge. Make your own super simple cold brew coffee, take a seat on the couch and enjoy!
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corn muffin

10. Edamami
Another perfect snack as nature intended it. Keep a pack in the freezer and defrost on demand.

11. Falafel
Perfect as a little snack (on their own) or epic as part of a luscious veggie and hummus/baba ganoush wrap. Try making falafel yourself, baking instead of deep-frying and store in the freezer for convenience.
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falafel 1

12. Black bean brownie
Just because you are eating healthy doesn’t mean it has to be all fruit and veg. As Michael Pollan says in Rule #45 of his best selling book, Food Rules: “Eat All the Junk Food You Want as Long as You Cook It Yourself.”
And what better way than with this delicious and nutritious black bean brownie.
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black bean brownie sm