2012 has been very kind to me and I am looking forward to 2013. As we reach the pointy end of the silly season I wanted to share some of my thought on the year that was…

Lovely food accessories purchased while recently enjoying a weekend of sun, fresh country air a quality time with James on the South Coast of NSW. Me: make-up free and enjoying the peace of the countryside. 

2012 has allowed me to move back to Australia, the country I love, reconnect with friends and family, transform into and leaner and meaner version of myself and become even more educated on the subject of health and nutrition. I am also 1/3 the way through a certificate from eCornell University and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation in Plant Based Nutrition.

I have exciting plans for Veggies & Me in 2013. Watch this space… as I bring you my own ebook Veggies & Me – For You… An introduction to a Plant Based Diet. Feel great, loose weight, get more energy and heal your body. Learn everything you every wanted to know about how to enjoy a whole food plant based diet.

Quotes I loved in 2012:

“Salad is the main meal” – Joel Fuhrman
“Obesity: this is not a “carb” problem, but a processed food problem” – T. Colin Campbell
“Here’s the good news. Your genes are not your fate” Dean Ornish
“Eat mostly plants, especially leaves” – Michael Pollan