Recently I met Lynette de la Vega from Passion Projects at the Health and Fitness Expo in Sydney. Lynette and Alejandro had just launched their new range of Superfood Vitamins and I was eager to try out their very special products.

This week Lynette took time out from her very busy schedule to answer some of my questions on Superfoods and following your passion. She truly is a very inspiring woman!

Can you tell me a bit about your journey from successful architect to vitamin product developer?

What happens in life is that you tend to gather skills based on your interests or passions.  Over a period of 30 years, our skills have traversed the spectrum of all fields of design and collided with natural health and food bringing us to where we are today.  Spurred on as a consequence of a real need for our son with Dyslexia we had a moment of realization that if we could help our son we could also make a difference to many more people, perhaps even globally.  Adding to our skill base was vital, with the addition of world-renown biochemist Henry Osiecki becoming a major factor in the final product range.  Most importantly, his life long vision was on track with ours. (Henry Oisecki, incidentally, was a personal hero and major inspiration to me as his protocol was instrumental in treating my parents’ various health challenges over the years).

What are the major health benefits you believe can be achieve with regularly consuming superfoods?

The wonderful thing about Superfood is that it is food that is ‘super’. If we are looking for our bodies to do magnificent things, then our food has to be the best of the best, and that is where superfood steps in.  It is a great way to enhance a diet that is already healthy or a great way to improve a bad diet.  But to do this it must be taken daily and you have to find the best quality available.

Our Complex Green and Complex Berry superfood formulas are high quality broad-spectrum blends that offer maximum benefit to your overall health. The payback is both short and long term – you will get the best body with increased energy and longevity benefits thrown in as well.  The greens generally are alkalizing and the berries high in anti-oxidants but the range of benefits include improved endurance, improved brain, nerve and heart function, beautiful skin, healthy digestion and immune system, relief of inflammation and free radical reduction.

The difficulty that most people face with food is that they either are unable to access good food, they don’t like to eat large quantities of vegetables or they often don’t like the taste.  Also most superfood is not easily accessible and cannot be grown in your garden. This is why we developed our range.  Being able to take a great tasting powder anywhere (on the run) that was essentially a meal in a glass was really important to us.  We believed that if it tasted great and was pre-blended then it would make the nutritional benefits so much easier to fit into any busy lifestyle.

We have chosen the best quality freeze-drying process to lock in the potency and fiber of the phytonutrients and also sourced as many ingredients as possible that are raw (not heated) and Certified Organic. This may make it both super in quality and potency to the rest of your diet and possibly the most calorie efficient meal you will enjoy all day.

How important was passion in the development of this range of products.

The passion for our son was the initial catalyst. We were driven to find a solution for him, as the food he consumed was critical to his brain function.  We called our company Passion Projects and the range of superfood and vitamins {allyouneedislove} as it helped remind us as to why we were doing the project in the first place. We really needed a reminder to fuel us as we worked tirelessly on product development for many years before launching.

Can you explain about the vitamin therapy you undertook with your son and what results you achieved?

As soon as he was diagnosed with Dyslexia (at around age 7), we jumped straight into Henry Osiecki’s vitamin protocol.  We were amazed at what we were witnessing.  Our son began focusing and getting on with his school and homework in direct response to taking the vitamins.

What we found difficult however was that his teachers noticed that he could concentrate in the mornings, but the afternoons were a disaster.  That was when we realized we needed to send him to school with our vitamin drink concept (yet to be launched).  We sent him to school with our Focus formula (by Henry Osiecki) and a mockup version of our bottle design and it made a huge difference to his learning outcome.

The superfood has played a role in his therapy as well, as the nutrition to the brain is what is important with any kind of learning difficulty.  Superfood increases the quality of his diet, alkalizes his body and detoxes and rebuilds it as well.  The best thing about the superfood formulas that we developed is that it is delicious (for kids in particular), and we find that our kids looks forward to it every day.  This is so different to the scenario of battling with children every day over eating healthy food.

What is your favourite Passion Projects product and why?

It is difficult to say, however our favourite from the four that we have launched would have to be the Complex Green and Complex Berry as they are our ‘super heroes’ representing the years of getting it right.  We take these every day.  Usually we make a green smoothie for breakfast and then we find a way to have the Complex Berry in the afternoon, either as part of a snack or in a glass of water.   We use the Triple Green and Acai Berry as ‘sidekicks’ to the ‘super heroes’ to top them up in smoothies and create variety.  We really developed the whole range as they were all our favourites- we love them in different ways.

What is your favourite green drink recipe?

Our breakfast routine is generally a green smoothie with Organic Almond Milk, frozen banana or mango and 2 heaped teaspoons of Complex Greens and 1 of Triple Green.  Yum!

From the Veggies and Me Breakfast Kitchen
My current breakfast green smoothy is:
200ml plant milk (soy, hemp, almond or oat)
100ml water
10g of {allyouneedislove} complex green superfood powder
1/2 frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen berries
1 scoop vanilla sun warrior rice protein
2 handfuls spinach
1 tablespoon ground seed mix

I would love to hear your favourite green smoothy recipe?