Megan Young is a Sydney and Central Coast (NSW, Australia) based recipe developer, home cook, gardener, professional photographer, plant-based diet & wellness advocate as well as a mum and wife.



Veggies and Me was born back in 2011 as a platform to build community around healthy living and shared interest in the Plant-Based diet. 


“I have been cooking since I can remember and eating a

plant-based diet almost as long. My Mum is a great cook

and encouraged me to cook when I was very young. I was

working in my aunt and cousin’s restaurant by the age of 12

and spent many a summer holiday elbow deep in veg prep

in kitchens around Hobart.


Growing up in beautiful Tasmania, Australia, surrounded

by nature, I couldn’t help but have a well-developed

appreciation for fresh, wholesome and local produce. Over the

years this love of cooking with fresh produce awakened my

interest in nutrition. I will continue to study nutrition and

never cease to be amazed by the power of food.”


Megan has studied nutrition at the College of Naturopathic

Medicine in Dublin and has earned a Certificate in Plant-Based

Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies

and eCornell (Cornell University, USA).

Without our health we have nothing! Without good nutrition it is impossible to achieve optimal health!

I wholeheartedly believe t