I did take a first quick walk around the Adelaide Central Market just after arriving in town but headed back first thing on Saturday morning with fresh eyes. Adelaide has that very Australian country town feel. As I turned the corder from my hotel down the wide street I couldn’t miss the market. It takes up almost an entire city block. With it’s 80+ undercover stalls it really is a sight to behold. The range of wares includes fruit & vegetables, meat & poultry, seafood, gourmet cheeses, cakes and more.

The market hustle and bustle was in full swing by 8am. I was glad I headed in early as it gave me a chance to admire the stalls in their full tantalizing glory and have a quick chat with some of the friendly faces.

The Mushroom Man was an absolute favorite straight away… and by the busy market traffic around the stall, by mid morning, it was clear it was not only my favorite. The stall caters for the serious fungi fiends selling every variety of mushroom I could comprehend. Also on their list of wares is the highly popular black garlic, truffle oil and a range of sea salts infused with wild mushroom, black garlic and truffle to name but a few. Lucy was keen to hear about the Eat Drink Blog conference and commented that she herself was an avid blog follower. Who wouldn’t be enthusiastic about amazing Australian produce working in a place list this?

You know that fruit, veggies and me are best friends so next stop on my tour was House of Organics & Sustainabily Grown Produce. Clare (spelt the Irish way) was putting the finishing touches on the display. Stacking the apples oh, so, beautifully as all their produce was displayed. My mouth watered as I admired the garden of eden-esk stall but I had to keep moving. I had so much to see and my stomach was grumbling for breakfast.

The edible flower petal and herb decorated soft cheese was a highlight among the many and vast cheese counters at the market. The Smelly Cheese Shop’s Jess showed off one of their many Australian and European speciality cheeses infront of their impressive wall of cheese.

Fanis from Wild Loaf talked me right through the process of producing their new Chia and Quinoa Sourdough which quite frankly blew my mind. The flour they use is made up of white and red quinoa as well as amaranth. I am absolutely going to try experimenting with this combination in my home bread maker.

As I moved in for a closer look at the spectacularly naughty treats, on display at Atlas Continental, store-holder Marty let me know (with a chuckle) that is was dangerous even to look. We shared a bit of banter and I told him I was strictly looking today after my extravagant patisserie visit the day before. Atlas Continental are a family owned and operated business and Marty tool over the stall from his father.

Lucias Fine Foods is one of those stall/shops that people “in the know” say you must visit during your trip to the Central Market. Famous for their sun ripened tomato, sugar free, pasta sauces these guys know what they are doing. While the fresh pasta samples were flowing from the front of house the cheeky boys were cooking up fresh falafel from behind the counter. Every seat out front was chock a block. A visit to this place clearly is well ingrained in market visitor’s Saturday morning routine.

I took a breather over breakfast, a veggies stack, from Zuma’s cafe and a tea from the gorgeous T Bar before one last loop of the Market.