My recent vegetarian degistation at Glebe’s Restaurant Atelier was a culinary experience to be savored. Thanks to my friend Tara (The VegeTARAian) a group of 10 fellow dining adventurers and I were treated to a 5 hour, 10 course, experience that took in the full gamut of gastronomic textures and flavours. Put simply… a dinner I will not forget.

I am often painted with the “gourmet” brush by friends… a label I shy away from as I think of my own cooking as a simple, nutritious, rustic and fuss free experience. I am not one for slaving over the stove for hours or preparing recipes with many steps or tricky techniques but I am in ore at the intricacy and sophistication of the dishes served up by chef/owner Darren Templeman. What a treat to experience so many new and familiar flavours so beautifully presented.

I would recommend keeping your ears to the ground for the opportunity to experience your own vegetarian degistation and make sure to check out the spectacularly complex dishes listed here to get your mouth watering and your imagination wandering.

Raw Organic Broccoli Marshmallow with Alto Olive Oil Jelly, Broccoli Textures

Ginger & Soy Tofu with Fresh Edamane Sprouts, Potato Gel Crisp, Truffle Dashi, Textured Kombu

Organic Sweet Corn Custard, Charred Baby Corn, Macadamia Milk, Deep-Fried Mitsuba Leaf.
Slow-Cooked Organic Hens’ Egg, Shiitake Mushrooms, Fresh Silken Tofu & Garlic Miso

Whipped Ricotta, Compressed Cucumber, Black Olive, Burnt Soy, Purslane

Charred baby Cos, Peas, Asparagus, Baby Sorrel, Broccoli Butter Sauce

Curds & Whey – Woodside Goat Curd, Summer Squash, Pickled Baby Heirloom Carrots, Rock Samphire, Whey Dashi

Crispy Tofu, Nasturtium Leaf, Enoki Mushrooms, Asparagus & Mustard Seeds, Baby Coriander & Korean Royal Soy

Chocolate & Olive Oil Delice, Sheeps’ Milk Yogurt Ice Cream, Milk Purée, Vanilla Salt.
Pineapple & Szechuan Pepper Soufflé, Mango Sorbet, Madagascan Vanilla & Green Peppercorn Milkshake.