So what is the Paleo Diet… incase you have been living in a mass media bubble or under a rock…?

According to Wiki: the (Paleo) Paleolithic diet consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots and nuts and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar and processed oils.

Like most fad diets there are some good aspects and some not so good…

Vegetables = Good
Fruit = Good
Fungi = Good
Roots (sweet potato, etc) = Good
Nuts = Good
No refined sugar or salt = Good
No dairy = Good
No processed crap = Good
Grass-fed pasture raised meats = Better choice if you are inclined

A strict Paleo diet is not possible, however, on a vegetarian eating plan. I think it would be quite hard to eat a nutritionally balanced vegetarian diet without the inclusion of grains and legumes. I really like the no-processed food aspect to this regime and can defiantly take onboard the importance of reducing grain consumption (in exchange for increased fruit and veg additions). 

Some of my “Paleo” friends have been sing the praise of these grain and dairy free pancakes so I though it was about time I tried them for myself. They were totally delicious and I have a feeling this recipe might become a regular on Sunday mornings at our house.

paleo pancakes comp

Banana Choc Paleo Pancakes
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  1. (makes 8 medium pancakes)
  2. 2 ripe bananas
  3. 4 organic free range eggs
  4. 2 tablespoons nut butter (I used Mayver's Peanut Cacao Butter)
  5. 1/2 teaspoon gluten free baking powder
  6. pinch cinnamon
  7. coconut oil for cooking
  1. Add the peeled bananas, eggs, nut butter, baking powder and cinnamon to your food processor and combine until a smooth batter is formed.
  2. Heat a frying pan to a medium heat and melt 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil.
  3. Add 1/8th of the batter to the centre of the frying pan and flip after bubbles appear across the surface of the pancake (roughly 3 minutes).
  4. Cook on the reverse side until golden in colour.
  5. Repeat for all 8 pancakes melting a small amount more coconut oil in the pan as required to stop the batter sticking.
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