A Whole Food Nutritionist that likes a little coffee and a little red wine… I like the sound of that. As part of the Good Food Month, myself and 2 new friends, went along to check out the Beauty Food Bar Class held at the Balmoral Boatshed. The class was created and run by Sydney based health extraordinaires Cindy Lüken and Michele Chevalley Hedge. I may be biased but I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an evening than joining an intimate groups of beautiful women, grazing on delicious nibbles and learning more about the benefits of healthy and whole foods. It was a truly inspirational and flavour packed night.

While Michele Chevalley Hedge led the class Cindy Lüken cooked up a range of tasty triumphs including veggie laden platters to die for, fragrant Vitamix green soup, green smoothies and raw chocolate and date truffles. 

Michele runs a Nutrition practice called A Healthy View, in Sydney. She regularly writes on the subject of evidence based medicine and coaches individuals and familys looking to travel down the road to better health and wellbeing. During the evening Michelle shared many gems of wisdom including “Whole food works but it has to be tasty and it has to be easy” and “We only have one body, one shot. It is our responsibility”. Both sentiments I couldn’t agree with more.

Cindy is a Sydney based health entrepreneur. Her background in science has given her an amazing insight into the health benefits of whole foods. She is an exceptional cook and runs the very special Lük beautifoods which includes a make up range made from food so good you can eat it.

The newly refurbished Balmoral Boatshed was an ideal venue for this class. Their perfectly “beachy chic” cafe is open 7 Days a week and offers coffee, cakes, breakfast, lunch and casual dining.

The venue was thoughtfully decorated, for the class, with it’s own Beauty Food Bar featuring superfoods, pressed vegetable juices in a full spectrum of phytonutrient rich colours, nuts, seeds, high quality oils, natural sweeteners and my personal favourite… loads of veggies.