Over the weekend I was soaking up the sun in Queensland and relaxing with family. The fresh fruit in Queensland is always the highlight of a visit, up North, for me. This trip I accompanied my breakfast fresh tropical fruit salad with coconut yogurt. For a gal staying away from diary I couldn’t have been happier than to discover this moorish product.

Co Yo is the brand I purchased. Made on the Sunshine Coast of Australia this yogurt is produced from the freshly squeezed cream of the white flesh of the coconut. It contains live cultures in the same way as other yoghurts but with different strains of the Probiotic cultures which are dairy free. Co Yo is gluten free, soy and nut free and free of artificial colouring and preservative.

Another tasty addition to my Queensland breakfast bowl was the outstanding Kapai Puku seed mix. This blend of power packed seeds is super tasty and rediculously healthy. The cereal cleanses and exfoliates your digestive tract and provide your body with a wide range of vitamins and minerals. It is GM and gluten free, a great source of Omega 3, high in fibre, rich in complex carbohydrates, low in sugar and salt, high in protein and helps in the process of detoxification and weight loss.

Ah, the memories. Queensland I will be back before the summer is through.