Working out what’s for dinner is a challenge! But it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. I have put together a little video to show you just how easy it can be to quickly make a plan with the seasonal Spring produce in your veggie box. 


Check out what’s in my box this week and just how quickly I put together a weeks worth of family friendly recipes for under $100. 

Here’s what is on the menu at our place this week:

Veggie Tacos
Warm corn tortilla with a rich tomato & black bean chilli, topped with grated carrot, shredded greens, avocado and coriander.

Veggie Fritters
Corn, beans and spring onion fritters served with a simple tomato salad.

Veggie & White Bean Curry
Green curry quickly constructed with a mix of veggies, a cup of white beans and my homemade curry paste straight from the freezer. Served with mixed rice and topped with coriander.

Mixed Veggie Frittata
Partially steamed potato slices and asparagus cooked in a light Frittata with a green salad.

Blanched Bean Salad with Orange Dressing and Beef Mushrooms
A mixture of white beans, blanched peas and beans with salad leaves and an citrus dressing served with baked herbed beef mushrooms.

Veggie Bolognese
My tried and tested mixed veggie and lentil pasta sauce made with vine ripened tomatoes. Served with spelt pasta.

Veggie Soup with Israeli Couscous
The last meal of the week is made up of any left-over veggies, finely chopped and simmered with veggie stock and Israeli cous cous.