After being invited by Gunter Beer to exhibit at the second annual Foodphoto Festival in Tarragano, Spain, I didn’t need much convincing to get on a plane and make the trip over. Tarragona is a fishing port and beachside city about 90km from Barcelona. On arrival I was immediately impressed by the sunshine, scenery and relaxed vibe to the place. After booking into the festival hotel I took the 15 minute walk down to the port of Tarragona to register at the Network Centre. The port of Tarragona is both expansive and beautiful playing host to many restaurants, bars and the wharf buildings displaying the festival exhibitions.

On the first evening we all gathered in Plaça Del Rei, a beautiful square in the old town, and as the dusk turned to night we watched the first screening of the photographs nominated in the photo competition. (these are my pictures show here below)

Next came dinner… and this was a dinner to remember. Chef Ana Ruiz and her husband Quintin Quinsac opened the AQ Restaurant in 2004. Quintin is the sommelier while Ana is in charge of the kitchen and she specializes in seafood with a modern twist. The “Forum gastronómico”, has named the restaurant as one of the references and a “must to visit” in Catalonia. It was granted recently with a “sol” in the Repsol guide. (these are the special vegetarian dishes they created just for me)

The conferences began on Friday with Author Anne Kleinberg starting off proceedings with her very insightful lecture entitled “Get your ego our of my food photo”. Anne shared her wisdom and experiences after working with photographers and food stylists on six food books.

In the afternoon Marian Montoro lead a group discussion outlining her experience in self publishing. Marian is the sublimely talented, creator, photographer, stylist, designer and publisher behind Spanish online food magazine Sal y Pimiento. (Anne Kleinberg, left and Marian Montoro, right)

The rest of the conference was jam packed with workshops, lectures, wine tasting and portfolio reviews. Each day I had to pleasure of spending a long lunch in the sunshine with my newfound foodie friends at the Port of Tarragona.

(last year’s food feature winner Manuela Rüther and Barcelona based food photographer and food blogger M.Angeles Torres of Cook Me Tender fame share their portfolios in the Network Centre)

(London based studio photographer Ray Massey during his workshop “Liquid Illusions”)

My last night in Tarragona was Sunday night. After saying good bye to my new friends I took in a long stroll around the city trying to capture a few images to share of this truly remarkable city. Thank you Tarragona xox