It seems the standard response to the “how are you?” question these days is always “busy”. Whether you are working hard, a social butterfly or raising a family there is never enough hours in the day. Unfortunately preparing and sitting down to eat a healthy home cooked meal gets pushed down the priority list as life takes over.

I have put together some simple strategies to help you feed yourself and your family when you are time poor.

Healthy Food Rich when you are Time Poor!

1. Never let your cupboards/pantry/fridge get bare.

Keep your cupboards/pantry/fridge well stocked with the staples for creating everyday meals. These include:

A range of fresh and frozen veggies
Soy, rice, or nut milk
Soy sauce or tamari
Vegetarian stock
High-quality oils
Nutritional yeast
Tomato passata
Beans, lentils and rice
Pasta and noodles
Grains like burghal wheat, quinoa, couscous, rolled oat, barley, millet
Dried fruits
A variety of flour, e.g. wholemeal, buckwheat, cornmeal and besan
Peanut butter, tahini and almond butter
Seeds like flax seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds
Nuts and nut meal.
Dried herbs and spices, garlic, salt and pepper
Olives and preserved lemons

Plus all your favourites. 

 jars 2

2. Maintain a fully loaded fruit bowl.

Breakfast, snacks and dessert are sorted when you keep your fruit bowl full. A large bowl of chopped up fruit topped with nuts and seeds will keep you sustained and nourished for hours. 

3. Get your supermarket groceries delivered.

Most supermarkets offer online shopping with home delivery these days. There are great companies like Shopwings, in Sydney, that are offering delivery from Aldi, Coles and Harris Farm ordered online, delivered in 2 hours at your doorstep. How convenient is that?!?! Who has time to shop around visiting different shops for different items.

4. Get a fruit and veggie box delivered.

Home delivered fruit and veggie boxes are not only convenient but provide a wide variety of seasonal produce direct from the market. By cutting out the middle man (the shop) you get your produce quicker and cheaper. I like the challenge of not knowing what is going to be in this week’s box. 

There are so many companies delivering boxes in Australia (organic and standard) including Wild Greens, The Little Grocery Service, Ooooby, Lettuce Deliver, Aussie Farmers Direct, Door Step Organics, to name just a few. 

veggie box

This beautiful box is from Sydney small business Wild Greens.

5. Consider getting ready made meals delivered.

For ultra busy people or people looking to loose weight home delivered ready made meals can be great. I have not tried any of these services myself but have a number of friends who have benefited from these services, in the short term, to help them with their weight-loss goals or to assist during a particularly busy period. Some examples include: Tender Loving CuisineDinner Ladies and Lite n Easy.

6. Consider getting ready to make meals delivered.

If you are not keen on frozen or preprepared meals but do not have time for meal planning and shopping then maybe home delivered, ready to make, meals are for you. A range of companies offer a cost effective way of cooking from scratch with easy to follow recipes and all the ingredients required included in a box delivered to your door. My Food Bag and Hello Fresh are just a couple of examples. 

hello fresh 2hello fresh 1

Meals prepared in just over 30 minutes with ingredients delivered from Hello Fresh. 

pumpkin mac 2

7. When cooking double the recipe so you always have left-overs.

When it is time for lunch the next day, or even dinner on the second night, I feel like I have gained precious time if I have left overs. By doubling your recipes you have extra portions ready in the fridge for the follow days or you can stash it away in the freezer for later. 

It really is vitally important to keep yourself nourished with fresh healthy meals. I hope these tips help to get dinner on the table in your house.

I would love to hear your tips for dinning healthy when you are busy?

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