Easy Almond Milk
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  1. 5 cups filtered water
  2. 1 cup raw almonds
  3. pinch Himalayan Salt
  1. Firstly to make this Almond Milk you will need a high speed blender (like the Vitamix) as well as a fine strainer or cloth nut bag.
  2. Soak the almonds overnight in a clean glass jar with 2 cups of filtered water.
  3. Drain and rinse the almonds and add to the blender with the remaining 3 cups of filtered water and the pinch of salt.
  4. Blend on very hight speed for around 45 seconds or until completely smooth.
  5. Strain the liquid though a metal strainer or cloth nut bag.
  6. Store the Almond Milk in a clean glass jar in the fridge.
  1. Keep the almond meal left in the strainer for baking and raw cake bases. This can be stored in the freezer.
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