This week has seen one huge milestone in our house. Our precious daughter Mackenzie turned 1 and we celebrated with a Mexican (to matcher her Mexican themed bedroom) themed brunch party in our local park. We are so lucky that our house is right next door to Abbotsford Quarantine Reserve. This park is on the tip of Abbotsford point, where green hills and patches of thick native bushland rise up from the Parramatta River. Not only is this park gorgeous because of it natural appearance but is has great facilities (with public toilets, with baby change facilities, electric BBQs, power points, shelter, car parking and picnic tables). 

mexican_party 01 mexican_party 02

This party gave me the opportunity to let my inner crafter out! For me it doesn’t take much to get me inspired and creative and I let rip this time with my hot glue gun, bunting, paper flowers, pom poms, ribbon and rick rack galore. Mackenzie absolutely loves her brightly coloured bedroom so I wanted to create an explosion of colour, like a Mexican Oasis in the park. I started by collecting paper punting and flags from as far as our recent trip to NYC. And I crafted mountains of brightly coloured giant crape paper flowers. 

mexican_party 03mexican_party 04

Then I started putting together centre pieces for the 4 large picnic tables. I am so happy with how the tables decorations came together. I cut table runners from Mexican Oilcloth to run the length of the tables then added in cans planted with various succulents and decorated with bright pom poms. In amongst the succulents were heaps of glass jars I have collected over the years tied up with ribbon and rick rack in contrasting colours and bursting with stunning flowers arranged by my friend Karina. 

mexican_party 05mexican_party 06

Instead of lollie bags I decorated giant bubble wands for the kids to take home. Bubble guns proved that added playfulness to the day as bubbles intermittently drifted across the park on the breeze. 

mexican_party 07mexican_party 08

The most important part of any party is the guests. And we were so lucky to have so many of our friends and family together on this special day. As I looked around it was an absolutely pleasure to be surrounded by so many familiar faces from old and new friends and of course family. 

mexican_party 09mexican_party 10mexican_party 11mexican_party 12mexican_party 13mexican_party 14

Food also played a big part in this party… after all I am a food blogger and food lover. Catering to 50-60 people however was a new experience for me. In my mind a picnic brunch would not have been complete without pasties so I picked up a small croissant mountain from Papa’s (of course) then I made Breakfast Burritos stuffed full of chipotle beans, rice, baked potato and scrambled eggs. One the side our guests helped themseves to large dishes of salad made with mixed leaves, coriander, corn, avocado and a lime and chilli dressing. 

mexican_party 15