Here’s just a few reasons to support Meat Free Week 2015:

  • 95% of Aussies don’t eat enough fruit & veggies
  • We have the power to make a positive difference to our health, the planet and animals 
  • The high demand for imported small good meats & seafood increase risk of superbugs in Australia
  • 1/3 of the worlds cereal harvest are fed to farm animals. Enough to feed 3 Billion people 
  • Scientists warn there won’t be enough water to produce food for 9 billion pop of 2050
  • Research shows diets high in red & processed meat are linked to cancer deaths
  • Australians eat over 1/2 billion chickens every year. Nearly all are factory farmed
  • Eating processed meat increases risk of bowel cancer – Australia’s 2nd biggest cancer killer
  • Australians eat almost 3x as much meat as the world average