You might remember that I attended Yoshiko Takeuchi’s Bondi Healthy Soy Cooking School back in July. It was an absolutly pleasure to meet Yoshiko and to hear about the book she was planning on publishing… Well… that day has come and the book, Cooking With Soy, is now available at good bookstores in Australia, New Zealand, UK and the United States.

About The Author:
Yoshiko Takeuchi is originally from Japan and has been teaching cooking for over 16 years; having previously worked as a chef for over 11 years. She is an expert teacher of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free cooking, as well as both traditional and modern Japanese cooking.
Her unique cooking classes have been featured in several TV programs (Biggest Loser), newspapers and magazines.
Yoshiko has a life-long passion for food and health. She believes that we really are what we eat and loves sharing her knowledge about health, cooking techniques and recipes with others in as many ways as possible.

Eggplant palmigano (cook tofu and eggplant flesh together with tomato then put cheese or vegan cheese on top); Black sesame and white sesame Blancmange 

Tofu and cashew ice cream 

Cooking With Soy is not just for those that are already inspired by the healthy side of soy and cooking with the soy family, this release will sway any non-believer or ‘tofu hater’ as author Yoshiko Takeuchi puts it best to experiment with the recipes and learn the true joy of this wonderful product.
This release is packed with stunning sweet dishes, snacks and main meals using all the products from the soy family, including tofu, miso, edamame, tempeh, aburaage (deep-fried tofu) and okara (soy pulp).
Yoshiko’s easy-to-follow recipes will inspire you to use soy every day, with vegan and gluten-free options for all the family. The realease is fantastic in the way Yoshiko explains the benefits of cooking with soy and breaks the first chapters into:
Introduction: Why cooking with soy?
The soy family
Types of tofu and
Homemade tofu.
There are great tips throughout the first sections on how to prepare the various members of the soy family, such as, tofu and gives simple step-by-step instructions on how to remove water from tofu for example, whether lightly moderately or thoroughly.
As well as tips for the storage of tofu and tips for eating fresh tofu are included as well as tips on how to handle deep-fried tofu and how to easily make pouches for recipes, as seen in Yoshiko’s Easy Aburaage Samosa which is a true delight! Yoshiko also shows the reader how to prepare and shape the classic Japanese dish of Gyoza and in this instance of course it is a super tasty tofu gyoza that she displays.
The recipe section then has dishes to suit all occasions whether entertaining with friends or planning the family meal. Broken into sections including Appetisers, Sides, Mains and Desserts this release surpasses the imagination of what can be done by those that are not overly familiar with the product and tantelise the taste-buds of those that think they have seen it all!
With recipes including Edamame Mini Rosti, Baby Spinach and Tofu Salad with Sweet Basil Dressing, Nasu No Dengaku (Grilled eggplant with sweet red and white miso sauce) and Yoshiko’s tofu dips including Avocado and Lime, Sundried Tomato and Olive and Caper Dip, there is truly something for everyone!

Teriyaki temphe burger; Miso ramen

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