After the introduction of the new incarnation of the Healthy Eating Pyramid it is great to see an increased representation of whole plant-based foods.

The newly designed foundation layer includes the three plant-based food groups:
vegetables and legumes

To quote directly from Nutrition Australia: This bottom layer makes up the largest portion of the Pyramid because plant foods should make up the largest portion of our diet – around 70% of what we eat!

Plant foods contain a wide variety of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are also the main source of carbohydrates and fibre in our diet.

Healthy Eating Pyramid Before and After


There has also been some great extra additions to the new pyramid including: herbs, spices and healthy (plant-based) fats. I notice that legumes are listed twice: in the foundation layer as well as in the protein section. Alternatives to dairy are also listed which is great. 

Most importantly the “junk food” section is completely gone. There really is no place for butter, margarine, refined sugar, fast food burgers and soft drinks in a balanced diet. 

Healthy Eating Pyramid 2015