So you are making beautiful nutritious food for your infant… you prepare it with love… and store it conveniently for later. So how do you re-heat it without nuking it in the microwave?

The simplest, fastest and most effective method I have found is to steam the portion in a small heat proof dish or ramekin inside a stainless steel double saucepan steamer with the lid on. Whether the food is frozen or just chilled the portion will heat up quickly and retain it’s moistness. Fill the bottom saucepan with approx. 5cm of filtered water and boil over a high heat. Once the food is hot transfer it into your serving bowl and make sure to check the temperature before feeding your baby (as it can get very hot).

Small portions of fresh veggie fingers can even be steamed simultaneously next to the heat proof dish or ramekin for a mixture of tastes and textures.

Re-heating baby food