One of the reasons I love going to food markets is because you get to buy new things you haven’t tried before. At the English Market in Cork I bought some Samphire. It is sometimes called sea asparagus or sea pickle. I got just enough for a one meal for two but as I researched it online I discovered this is quite a versatile vegetable.

Samphire is a coastal plant with white flowers that grows in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Samphire is at is best in July and August.

There is no real recipe here today. I simply soaked the Samphire for 2 hours in cold water, steamed it for 2 minutes, refreshed it in cold water and then quickly sautéed it in olive oil just before serving. I plated it up with boiled new baby potatoes topped with goats cheese and sautéed spring onions and (the classic asparagus companion) poached eggs. I garnished the plates with chopped walnuts and a drizzle of olive oil.