I have spoken about the life lessons we can learn from the veggie garden, briefly before on instagram, but today I wanted to delve a little deeper.


It can be hard or almost impossible to stay connected with nature when living in the city or by living a modern busy life… where food comes from the supermarket and your body corporate takes care of the lawn maintenance. But I promise you it is well worth seeking out this connection and trying to find some synergy with growing especially food.

Saving seeds, to me, has always seemed to be a logical thing to do. I previously had only thought about it from an economical point of view. Simply, by saving seeds from one year to the next, there was no need to buy new seeds. But then I learned something really interesting… that savings seeds is so much more than simply growing the same plants year after year… it is about allowing nature to adapt and strengthen the plant with each new season in that one habitat. How amazing is that!

To summarise your plants are going to increasingly thieve and flourish over time if they are grown from saved seeds as apposed to growing plants from purchased seeds or seedlings. I suddenly had a flash back to grade 7 science class with Mr Summers and learning about natural selection. [Big shout out to anyone who went to Taroona High in the 90’s]

Anyway… back to the life lessons. What nature can teach us is that it takes many times/seasons/attempts to be able to truly thrive and to reach our full potential. We can also take the opportunity to be reminded that life is always changing, we are at the mercy of external forces and we are always adapting and growing.

We are similar in so many ways to the veggies that we plant and adaption, growth and strength should be our goal instead of perfection.

Perfection is so fleeting. For example like the most beautiful tomato you have ever seen, ripening on a vine, it can be damaged or even destroyed by rain or bugs (factors completely out of our control). But the next year, that plant will be that little bit stronger and able to withstand more.

This is real life!