Tomorrow is officially the last day of Winter but Spring has been in the air, here in Sydney, for the last couple of weeks. Today I wanted to share with you the contents of this week’s organic fruit and veggie box delivery. I have really enjoyed the winter veggies this year but am excited at the prospect of a whole new spread to soon arrive.

I get an organic box delivery but also like to pick up bits a pieces at local growers markets. I am not 100% organic due to price and convenience factors but try to eat a large percentage of organic. You might like to check out the American Environmental Working Group’s handy 2012 Shoppers Guide and look into their Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen listings. You can download their practical PDF guide by liking on this link.

In Sydney there is a lot of great choice for organic box delivery. All around Australia and the World their are community groups organising deliveries of organic produce. Check it out. Not only is it great for your health and the environment but seasonal local food tastes so much better.