Hands up if you want to include more healthy plant-based or vegan meals into your weekly rotation… but life is too busy and you just don’t have time to research new recipes, shop for new ingredients and risk your family not eating a lovingly prepared meal!!! Am I speaking your language?

Coles veggie burger

We all know that eating more plant-based and healthy vegan meals is good for us. But despite having great intentions, sometimes the execution can let us down. There is nothing worse than slaving over the stove to make a new dish to find out that… it’s just not your cup of tea. I am not a fussy eater… but I swear the more effort I put into a meal… the less likely my kids are to eat it. This kills me!

Coles Veggie Burger

Luckily your local Coles supermarket is killing it with their new Nature’s Kitchen range of healthy, vegan, ready made meals and meal components that make eating healthy convenient. James and I have been chowing down on these veggie burgers for ages. Ready made veggie burgers can be a bit pricey and pretty ordinary in taste, but we have felt like we are onto a winner with these beauties. I was so excited to see the range has now exploded in size. It’s like every time I go into Coles there is something new and delicious to try.

Coles Veggie Burger

Coles Veggie Burger

What I love to do, to keep life easy, is utilise these ready made components to create my own signature meals. Two of our favourites are loaded Veggie Burgers and bangin’ Buddha Bowls. In a matter of minutes you have a meal to die for without the need for long preparation times and loads of ingredients (for which the remainder go bad in the back of the fridge).

In my mind the classic, crowd pleasing, vegan dishes have to be Veggie Burgers, Buddha Bowls, Veggie Lasagne and Veggie Spaghetti Bolognaise. And Coles has your back with all of these and so much more.

I am going to show you how to use these convenience foods to make a meal fit for a king in minutes.

Coles Veggie Burger

To make the ultimate veggie burger or loaded sausage sandwich, pack your wholemeal bun with fresh salad, red onion, hummus, pickles and relish and one of the many choices of veggie burger patties or veggie sausage.

Hey presto… a well balanced meal, perfect for 1 or a family friendly feast. A veggie burger also makes the perfect weekend lunch. Stick some patties and some sausages on the BBQ and eat outside with family and friends. Spring is not far away and who doesn’t love a good veggie BBQ!

Coles vegan food Coles vegan food

To create a Buddha bowl fit for the hippest hipster, use the Mixed Garden Vegetable Koftas or one of the many choices of marinated tofu (like Sweet Chilli Tofu Nuggets or Ginger and Chilli Tofu) to create a rainbow in a bowl. Get crunch from fresh veggies and salad, complex carbs from your grain of choice, add richness with roasted veggies and avocado, and don’t forget to add a big flavour hit by garnishing with fresh herbs.