I don’t know about you but I love Hummus! It goes with almost everything, it is really nutritious and easy to make. I have been making Hummus for years but this week decided to try Sprouted Chickpea Hummus for the first time.

Sprouts are really the super hero food of the diet. I saw this great quote about sprouts on the Happy Pear Living Foods website: Sprouts have the “Highest Concentration of Nutrition per Calorie of Any Food”. These little bundles of goodness are chocked full of enzymes, nutrients, vitamin C, carotenoid A, and many B vitamins (such as folacin). When a bean or seed is sprouted its nutrition is broken down into its simplest form – starches into simple sugars, proteins into amino acids and fats into essential fatty acids. So, next time you think of having some beans or seeds try sprouting them instead of cooking them.

Sprouted Chickpea Hummus

1 cup of dry Chickpeas
1 Lemon
1 clove of Garlic
3 tablespoons Tahini
1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 teaspoon ground Cumin
1 teaspoon ground Coriander
1/3 cup warm Water
1 pinch Cayenne Pepper
1 pinch Himalayan Salt
1/2 cup chopped fresh Coriander

Soak the chickpeas over night in a bowl of water. Rinse them thoroughly in the morning and place them on the windowsill in a spouting tray or on a plate. Rinse them again the next morning and put them back on the windowsill for another day. By the end of the second day they should have 1 cm long shoots sprouting. Add the sprouted chickpeas, juice of the lemon, chopped clove of garlic, tahini, oil, spices, salt and water to the food processor and wizz until you get a smooth paste. You might need to add slightly more warm water to get the right consistency. Stir in the chopped fresh coriander just before you serve.

I spread the hummus on thin slices of Rye bread and spelt and sesame crackers. This sprouted recipe tastes quite different to traditional Hummus. It has a much more earthy flavor.