OK, you signed up to a gym/pilates studio, prepaid for sessions with a trainer or bought a bunch of exercise equipment for your home and even with the best of intentions… you didn’t use it. We’ve all been there and the guilt and disappointment with yourself is to put it bluntly… shit.

Back in the day (before kids) I had more time for regular “exercise”. I have done it all: yoga, running, weight training, personal training, spin and small group Pilates. But do you know what… the best return on investment for total body health and weight management is by far EATING HEALTHY. Don’t get me wrong… you still gotta exercise but when you eat healthy incidental exercise is all you need for your body to reach it’s own natural equilibrium and ideal weight.

healthy family veggies and me

When you are busy, working long hours, taking care of kids or spending long periods of time commuting it is next to impossible to include work out sessions in your life. I know this first hand. Is this your truth?

I don’t believe in calorie counting and I absolutely don’t believe all calories should be counted the same but as a general rule if you eat too many calories, that are low in nutrition, you got to work really hard to burn them off. You got to bust your ass and that takes serious time.

You see where I am going here right… if you don’t eat ‘em in the first place you don’t need to slog your guts out at the gym. And you don’t have the associated post binge remorse and guilt over not using your gym membership. Simples!

We all got to eat, right? So if we make sensible plant based choices we get to look our best, feel our best without any additional commitment to our already crazy busy lives.

So basically load up your plate with as much fresh green leaves and other veggies you can get your hands on. Eat as many different colours of the rainbow each and everyday. Keep legumes and beans as well as whole grains in the mix. Don’t fear fresh fruit and healthy fats from avocado, nuts, seeds and olives. Cut out the refined foods (like oil, white bread, rice and pasta) and you will be sweet.

I know this might seems a bit too simple to be true. After all our social media feeds are chock a block full of pills, potions, works outs and equipment “guaranteed” to get you looking amazing. But the truth is all this stuff is just “stuff” that is for sale. And you don’t need it!

Despite popular belief eating a whole food plant based diet is actually dirt cheap. You don’t need to go to the Amazon Rainforest to source healthy food. Again these so called “super foods” are just marketing hype designed to sell products. Healthy food is around us everywhere we just need to make the decision to choose it. Cooking for yourself is always going to be the cheapest and easiest way to meet your nutritional goals but even eating out is much healthier today. Many cafes and restaurants have woken up and are now catering for plant-based eaters. I am constantly surprised and delighted but the amount of choices around now.

Every time I see a supplement advert with a line like “makes up for any nutritional gaps” I want to scream! “Just fill the gap with real food and you don’t need to BUY this crap” I feel like shouting back.

Be smart people! Give your hard earned money to our dedicated farmers who are slogging their guts out to grow high quality nutritionally dense food. Don’t be wasting it on slick marketing which quite simply is praying on your insecurities and yearning for a quick fix. There are no quick fixes when it comes to living your most healthy life. There is no magic pill or quick fix but there is nothing simpler than eating fresh whole food and moving your body as part of your everyday life.

Leave missed workout remorse in your dust. Commit to the power of eating fresh food as nature intended it. Chuck away those gimmicky supplements and truly listen to your body.

A whole food plant based diet will win the day… everyday!