This weekend James and I treated ourselves to Tiesan Cafe’s Vegetarian Breakfast. The vegetarian breakfast in a skillet is a memorable one. The skillet is jam packed with mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, an egg, toast, and lovely soft melted smoked cheese. Tiesan Cafe is a little gem on Harrington Street in Dublin’s Portobello. Co-owner Patrick (pictured below) has recently extended the outside seating of the boutique Cafe making it a great place to meet with friends and enjoy their wonderful Italian inspired menu. The coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice are also a highlight.

The cafe is a great space for art work and photography. They support up-and-coming artists by providing free exhibition space and literary evenings. I had a a very successful exhibition of my Holga photography work at Tiesan Cafe a couple of years ago.

Thanks Patrick. The cafe is looking great and the food wonderful as always.