Our visit to Paris, this time, was fleeting. There are many foodie gems in this very special city but this time I am simply sharing, a dining highlight, a market, a cookware heaven and a picnic spot, all guaranteed to please my fellow veggie lovers. 

When researching healthy, vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Paris the Gentle Gourmet Cafe kept popping up. Happy Cow, The Healthy Eating Guide, has a great list of places to dine and this one sits at the top of the list. Located close to metro Bastille, minutes walk from the Seine,  in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, the Gentle Gourmet Café is open 7 days a week and offers a wide choice of entirely vegan breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The chefs here can only be described as innovative, creating vegetable laden dishes from mostly organic produce. 

The cafe lists a remarkable philosophy of their website which is clear on visiting.
100% Vegan
We use only 100% VEGAN products, that is to say exclusively of plant origin. We believe that it is better for the planet, our health and especially for our animal friends.
We use as many organic products as we can find to stop poisoning our earth and our bodies.
Season kitchen
Our cuisine follows the natural rhythm of SEASONS to ensure the quality and taste of fruits and vegetables and to limit the environmental impact associated with transport.
Fair Trade
To import our ingredients such as coffee, tea or cocoa we buy FAIR TRADE which promotes a decent life for those that produce the foods we consume.
Local Products
We believe the benefits of buying LOCAL to encourage producers passionate defenders of our land, but also to limit the pollution associated with our consumption.
With us everything is WITHOUT CRUELTY. We are against animal testing and none of our products contain animal material.
We strive to take all possible measures for effective use of water and energy. In this approach, we have chosen to be equipped with renewable energy.
Responsible Packaging
In the same ecological commitment, our goal is to REDUCE THE OVERPACK maximum in our purchases, as well as our takeaway.
Respect of work
We ensure that here, coherent with our values of respect that GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS FOR ALL are met.
Daily commitment
Finally, we promise to DO OUR BEST, and that every day!

left: Faux gras makis – Slice of faux gras wrapped in a beautiful green cabbage leaf accompanied by morels 
right: Vegan ricotta on a bed of eggplant caviar and topped with a thin slice of pickled pepper

Raw lasagna – Thin slices of zucchini interspersed with sundried tomatoes cashew cheese and tomato tartare with crushed garlic and fresh herbs.

White wine risotto with green pesto cream.

Dark chocolate bavarian and Tatin Tart & ice cream of the day with vegan cappuccino and vegan hazelnut hot chocolate. 
Gentle Gourmet Café – 24 Boulevard de la Bastille, 75012 Paris – 01 43 43 48 49 www.gentlegourmetcafe.com

Taking in the view from the Eiffel Tower, by night, with a glass of Champagne… of course. 

If you are in Paris on a Saturday I would recommend Batignolles Organic Market, Boulevard des Batignolles, 75017 Paris, Areas: Batignolles, 17ème, Metro: Rome or Place de Clichy, Saturday 9AM to 3PM.

If nothing else this market will be a lesson in what “real” organic produce looks like. The market is a brilliant place to pick up picnic lunch supplies.

An absolute highlight was this market stall featuring all vegetarian products. Their display cases were bursting with all sorts of savoury tarts and salads.