If you have been following along at home you will notice that I have a beautiful baby girl called Mackenzie. She is now 2 months old. Blogging time is hard to find these days and I am only now getting time to reflect of “My Vegetarian Pregnancy”.


I have lost count of the amount of times I have heard women say that “they were vegetarian for years until they got pregnant” and I had many people inquire whether I was still vegetarian while pregnant. For me being vegetarian worked well. I maintaining my iron levels as well as all the other essential vitamins, minerals and macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates).

Essentials while pregnant and vegetarian:
Iron – vegetarian source: legumes and green leafy vegetables.
Calcium – vegetarian source: sesame seeds, green leafy vegetables, nuts, dried fruit
Protein – vegetarian source: pretty much all plant based foods!
Essential fatty acids – vegetarian source: nuts, seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds
Fibre – vegetarian source: all plant foods
B12 – vegetarian source: eggs, dairy, supplementation

My tips for eating with morning sickness:
While pregnant I suffered from at least 3 months of Morning (All Day) Sickness.
I found snacking throughout the day on whole carbohydrate heavy foods helped me to keep my stomach settled and keep my energy levels OK.
My favourite snacks where: air-popped popcorn, wholemeal sourdough bread with nut butter, apple slices with nut butter and carrot sticks with hummus.
My favourite meals where: mexican beans and rice, baked sweet potato, rice with steamed greens and sea salt or rice with assorted frozen veggies. My tastes and what I could stomach completely changed while I had morning sickness. I also had no energy at all for food preparation and after a days work needed something filling and quick before an early night.

What I ate while pregnant:
I maintained a high intake of fresh fruit and veggies while pregnant. I was unable to eat as many salads and raw veggies as usual but increased my intake of lightly steamed veggies. Raw fruit where plentiful during my pregnancy providing valuable vitamins and carbohydrates for energy. Fruits are also natures desert! 

***please consult your doctor before embarking on any restrictive diets***