I am far from being a gym bunny but totally appreciate the importance of exercise for the mind body and spirit. Lee is one of those people who just gets it! She approaches fitness with such a highly evolved, smart and sustainable approach. I can’t wait for you to meet her, this week, on the blog. 

Lee Sutherland

Ok, so I already have a holistic dentist, I go to a holistic medical practise, I eat a wholefood diet, why do I need a holistic personal trainer?

I love that there is a holistic dentist out there, how did I not know about this?!
So I like to call myself a holistic personal trainer because I have over 10 years of education behind me to help support my clients so its not just about doing burpees to get their heart rate up. I bundle in with my Master Personal Trainer qualifications my knowledge in Natural Health Science (Nutrition and Herbal Medicine), Health Coaching and numerous short courses to help give a balanced and individual care to each clients. In the past I went to so many outdoor training classes or PT’s and they never took into account my injuries, job, deficiencies, stress levels, hormones etc and all of this is SO important.

Most people sit at a desk all day so that automatically shortens and tightens a bunch of muscles (hello back problems), don’t eat enough (even though overweight) or have any idea of nutrients they should be consuming for their lifestyle, stress levels flying through the roof (so doesn’t need crazy cortisol inducing sessions to make it worse) – just to name a few.

Even in my small group outdoor sessions I know exactly what person can and cant do. First do no harm – that was always the way with natural medicine and perhaps even more important when you’re including training.

If you are a fit, healthy, able (no injuries) person who loves a good tough crossfit workout – then you can put yourself in any class and maybe not worry as much. But there aren’t that many people out there who fit that bill anymore, and don’t worry, my sessions are still tough!

What does being a holistic practitioner/coach mean to you?
It just means there’s more duty of care for my clients. I’m always there for them whether that is a text from them asking questions whenever they have or going over and beyond researching a new method or herb that would suit them. It just makes sense combining everything rather than just isolating each service and offering.

What tips can you share for people who are looking to build a supportive network to help with their journey to wellness?
The fact that they are looking to being with is fantastic! So many go about their lives without that support when it really should be at the top of their list. Wellbeing, happiness and health – without these what do you have?
Also, if you don’t gel with the first doctor, herbalist, PT etc don’t let that put you off, just as it is with friends, you have to find the right, supportive person that works for you – just because it works for one person doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right fit for you!

Why is it important for Mum’s (and Dad’s) to love their bodies?
Why shouldn’t they?! Apart from sending positive body image messages to their child, just because someone is now a parent (and yes, time may be lacking), you still have to respect and be in ace of your body because it’s the only one you are going to get! You may not have the luxury of hours to workout a week so its about being smart – short sharp workouts and 80% clean, wholefood nutrition the rest of the time. You want to be able to play easily with your children pain free right?

Finding the health and fitness practices that work for you is so important. If you don’t like a form of exercise or a style of food you are not going to fully embrace it. How do you help clients find lifestyle choices that work for them?
Exactly! And that is why there isn’t a cookie cutter style that fits everyone. If someone HATES running well their session isn’t going to be based on that, just as if eating eggs makes them gag – I’m not going to insist they have eggs 3 times a week! A really in-depth initial consolation before we being gives me a clear insight to their lifestyle, history, likes and dislikes, so this also lends me a good idea of what will work for them, and what suggestions I can give. There are so many options these days I can always find something that they can like, and overtime that usually turns into a love and they are ready to try something else (exercise and food).

How would your describe your approach to food?
My approach has changed over the years, of course back in the day when I was first studying Natural Health Science I was pretty strict and parroted everything my teachers taught us, but now I am much more relaxed and all about wholefoods and consuming as much as we can that’s non-human interference. Meaning if it comes in a shinny bag with ingredients you don’t really know what they are, then there is a good chance you shouldn’t be eating it!! On the flip side, if it grows in the ground, walks the land, flies or grows and lives in the ocean – go for it!! It’s all about decreasing foods that cause stress and inflammation on the body and instead nourish and support – but 80/20 rule also works for me. Just be aware of what’s going into your body and also draw that awareness to how it makes you feel after you eat it. Did it bloat you? Do you feel sleepy? Or do you feel normal or energised?

What are your best tips for including more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet?
Smoothies and juices are an easy way to sneak in extra servings, as is soups, slow cooker meals and finding your signature salad that you love – like adding walnuts, beetroot, roast pumpkin, baby spinach, seeds, cherry tomatoes – just keep adding!

Are there any books, films, or groups that have forever changed the way you look at health, wellness and nutrition?
Oh I’ve read so many over the years that they all leave their mark. I recently watch ‘That Sugar Film’ which of course I was aware of everything they were speaking about, but it was done in such a great, easy to absorb and understand for all ages – the message I think really came across strong! They need to play this at schools for parents, teachers and children ALL to watch.

How do you get inspired to prepare a meal?
I’m not going to lie, this can waver from time to time, especially when I’m really busy or my bub has been sick, so I love looking at food porn (Instagram, Books etc) to get a little motivated again!!

Needs a few minutes of pure serenity? Lee has just the recipe for us…


Soothe Me Smoothie
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  1. Almond milk
  2. Scoop of your fave vegan protein powder (optional)
  3. Young coconut flesh
  4. 1 tbsp chia seeds (pre soaked so they swell)
  5. 1 tbsp of chamomile flowers soaked in ¼ cup boiling water or use Little Wildling Co herbal tea blend ‘I Need A Moment’
  6. 5 ice cubes
  7. A few chamomile flowers to garnish
  1. Simply add everything to the blender, zap, and pour into large glass to enjoy (preferably in a calm sunny environment for extra stress relief)
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