Veggies and Me features in the Cookery section of the Irish Independent Weekend Magazine 17th September 2011.

Article: ‘Veggies and Me’ is a labour of love by Australian photographer and vegetarian Megan Young.

Good food, cooking, dining with friends and family and a healthy lifestyle have always been a huge part of her life. By creating the ‘Veggies and Me’ blog (www.veggies, Megan hopes to inspire people to try new ingredients, a new recipe or learn about a healthier alternative. The blog is not just aimed at vegetarians but also encourages meat eaters to try something new or perhaps join the Meatless Monday movement. These recipes are straight-forward and, with a little bit of planning, can be made by anyone. Megan’s day-to-day recipes are quick, easy and full of fresh flavours. They allow you to nourish your body while living a busy modern lifestyle.

The Aussie burger is an all-round crowd pleaser. By keeping high-quality, organic veggie burgers in the freezer, you will always be prepared for this recipe.

When the weather turns cold, a warm bowl of soup, such as the green coconut one here, is so satisfying. This one is vegan as well as gluten-free. With some crusty gluten-free bread, it makes a great weekend lunch and is ideal for taking to work.

If you venture down to your local farmer’s market, you might find Irish wild garlic. The leaves and flowers make a great salad ingredient because of their mild garlic taste. Why not try serving them up in the wild-garlic pesto. Spread it on mini crostinis for a sophisticated appetiser or on toasted sourdough bread for a rustic, hearty bruschetta.

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Green Coconut Soup

Irish Wild Garlic Pesto

The Veggie-Style Aussie Burger