12 Small Steps for improved health this year.

The chances are you have made and broken many New Year’s Resolutions over the years… we all have!

If we aim too big or if we bite off more than we can chew then we are simply being unreasonable about what we can really achieve. To help you start off 2017 the Veggies & Me way I have broken down some of my key philosophies, tricks and strategies to keep things simple. Think of this list as my month by month resolutions. 

Assign one to each month of 2017 and try each one out… a month is not big commitment… right! 

Get your new diary out right now and mark one on the first of each month for 2017. DO IT NOW!

I know you can do it and I will be here with you along the way for support and inspiration. 

  1. Eat more veggies.
    The more you eat the more the good stuff crowds out the bad.
  2. Quit refined sugar.
    This sweet poison creeps into absolutely everything. Quit this habit and reap fast rewards.
  3. Get a fruit and veggie box delivered each week.
    Enjoy the seasonal variety and best possible quality of produce.
  4. Visit a farmer’s market on a regular basis.
    Turn healthy food shopping into a day out and a social occasion.
  5. Reduce food wastage.
    Embrace the challenge of turning the last of the week’s fruit and veggies into something amazing.
  6. Dive deep into Pinterest for recipe inspiration.
    Using free social tools like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are powerful resources available to you at any time.
  7. Surround yourself with likeminded people.
    Change is hard but making changes to your diet and lifestyle are so much easier if you are part of a likeminded community.
  8. Learn to make your favourite dips and sauces from scratch.
    Store bought dips and sauces are often loaded with unnecessary oils, sugar, preservatives, artificial colours and fillers. Make a better choice by making it from scratch and save yourself a truck load of calories, junk and dollars.
  9. Clean and organise your pantry.
    When you have a well-stocked and well-organised pantry you are less likely to reach for the take-aways as you can just as quickly make delicious meals at home from your basic staples.
  10. Use your freezer.
    Stock your freezer with pre-cooked beans and legumes, pasta sauces, left-overs, single portions of soups as well as fresh fruits and veggies that would otherwise spoil before you could eat them.
  11. Grow your own.
    Take the time to plant one or two special plants whether they be herbs or your favourite heirloom variety of fruit or vegetable.
  12. Stop buying junk food.
    Quite simply if you don’t have junk foods in your house you are much less likely to eat them.