It’s not long now ’til it’s Meat Free Week. 24th-30th March 2014. Sign up today online… here

Meat Free Week was established to get people thinking about the impact excessive meat consumption has on your health, animal welfare and the environment. It’s also a great way to raise money for some worthwhile charities that support the cause.

Most importantly, it’s about education, becoming more aware and having the knowledge to make informed choices.

I am part of the Meat Free Week Community.

meat free week


Eat Less
Nutritionists stress the importance of a balanced diet. When it comes to meat, we’re eating more than is actually good for us. Bowel cancer, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease are all linked to eating too much meat.


Care More
Meat production uses a huge amount of resources. So much in fact, that leading world scientists have called on wealthy nations to halve their meat intake in order to reduce the negative impact on the planet.

And what about the animals we eat? We’d like you to think about how they are farmed. Over 500 million animals are intensively “factory” farmed in Australia every year! Caring more about where our meat comes from can make a huge difference to the lives of so many animals.

MFW Factory Farming Jan 2014

Feel Good
Making more informed choices about what you eat means that you’ll enjoy better health. You’ll also feel great, knowing that you’re making a difference to our planet and animals.

Best of all, you get to raise money that directly helps human health, animals in intensive “factory” farms and the environment.


Make a Difference
Your choices have power and you can make a difference.

Sign up today online… here